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There are a few signs that it might be time to repaint your house, such as peeling or chipping paint, fading and/or outdated colors.

Incline Paint Co. asks that you are available at the beginning and end of the project for a short while.  Of course you are welcome to stay home for the duration of the project, but no it is not necessary. 

The best time to paint your house is usually in the spring or fall when the weather is mild and dry. However, this can vary depending on your climate.  Incline Paint Co. monitors the weather daily and will paint only when appropriate. 

The cost of painting a house can vary depending on the size of the house, the type of paint used, and the condition of the surface. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars for a professional paint job.


In most cases, the Incline Paint Co. will move your furniture out of the way and cover it with drop cloths. However, it’s always a good idea to discuss this with Incline Paint Co. beforehand.

Incline Paint Co. will typically complete a variety of prep work tasks before painting, such as washing the surfaces, repairing many of the cracks or holes, and spot sanding (by hand) the surfaces.

Painting Process

Most painting companies will apply one coat of paint. However, the number of coats may vary depending on the condition of the surface and the type of paint used.

Most painting companies will use high-quality latex paint. Latex paint is durable, easy to clean, and dries quickly.

There may be a slight odor from the paint, but it should not be strong. Latex paint is a low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint, which means that it emits fewer fumes than traditional oil-based paints.

After the paint

The paint will typically take a few hours to dry to the touch, but it may take a day or two for it to be nearly cured completely.

Incline Paint Co. will typically clean up most of the mess. However, you may need to do some light cleaning, such as vacuuming or dusting.

YES! Incline Paint Co will offer a limited lifetime warranty on all painting projects. The warranty will typically cover things like peeling, cracking, or bubbling of the paint.